Amrit Maan v/s Karan Aujla. The Online War Continues

It looks like there is a new controversy building in the industry. And this time it’s between Karan Aujla and Amrit Maan. They both are two well known names in Punjabi Music Industry and have worked together as well. But there is something wrong between them which is visible to all.

Recently in Sonam Bajwa’s show ‘Dil Diyan Gallan’ Karan Aujla was asked a question, “What quality would you like to inherit from the following lyricists from Punjabi Music Industry?”

And when the name “Amrit Maan” was raised, Karan Aujla’s reply shocked us all as he said ‘Nothing’.

After this incident, Amrit Maan took it to his Instagram account, shared a post and captioned it as, 

“Kal de jwaak reply bhaalde😉

Muccha di growth layi Dwaai bhaalde😂”

To this, Karan also didn’t let the chance to reply go waste. He took it to his Instagram story and shared sticker of a red chili, stating “Mirch larhgyi”.

After this Amrit Maan posted a story which read:

“Geet Lagda Sachio Laffede vangu vajj reha jawaak de”

And how could this online war go unseen by the fans which are super active on social media. Now, fans are sharing their pictures in which we can see them posing together. And the question arising is what exactly went wrong in between them.

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