Amrit Maan’s Reply To Controversy With Karan Aujla Is All What The Industry Needs Right Now

Amrit Maan's Reply To Controversy With Karan Aujla Is All What The Industry Needs Right Now

Punjabi Industry is an industry of controversies. Even the biggest of stars are involved in feuds with each other and a glimpse of it is always seen in their songs, interviews or public interactions. A similar controversy arose from Sonam Bajwa’s talk show ‘Dil Diyan Gallan’, when Karan Aujla made a comment about Amrit Maan.

Karan was asked what quality he would like to acquire from Amrit Maan, to which he shockingly replied, “None”. This was seemingly followed by a reply from Amrit Maan through an Instagram post caption. The controversy did not get much further than that but the fans of both the singers did not let it go. Karan Aujla as well as Amrit Maan fans were regularly involved in social media spats, sometimes even using abusive language.

Recently, Amrit Maan was asked about the same controversy in an interview and his reply is the most positive thing you will hear today. While most of the industry would have given another befitting reply to the other party and carried the controversy ahead, Amrit Maan gave a reply that reveals his class. He replied that Karan and he might have some ideological differences, but by no means are each others’ enemies. 

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He also appealed to all the fans quarrelling over social media that they should create a line and not cross it in any circumstances. He said that both of the artists are here because of public love and do not want to see them hating anyone. He ended the reply by saying that both the artists are in the industry because of their immense hard work and that is the only thing that will help them achieve more success. Everyone is doing their job and will keep on doing it.

It was a reply rather contrary to the usual industry tradition but surely one that reveals so much about Amrit Maan’s mindset and his gentleness. Karan Aujla is a big name in the industry and it is quite common to have ideological differences, but both the artists did not go dirty in their tussle. Both of them are representing Punjab Music at a global stage and entertaining the audience with their music, and that is all that matters!

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