Amul Vice-Chairman Urges PM Modi To Ban PETA For Tarnishing Image

The Vice-Chairman, Valamji Humbal, of India’s largest dairy organization Amul, has urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to take necessary actions in the direction of banning the NGO working for animal rights, PETA.

The People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals (PETA) had suggested Amul to take advantage of its position in the market to exploit the market for plant-based Milk and Food. The Vice-Chairman of Amul calls this action by PETA, a misinformation campaign. 

Valamji Humbal blames the organization for tarnishing the image of the country’s whole dairy sector. According to him, the dairy sector provides employment to 10 crore people in the country, and PETA’s remarks are a suggestion of making these 10 crore people lose their jobs. 

He also added that in the dairy sector, Milch animals are kept as livestock and are reared like a member of the family, so the question of cruelty against animals does not arise. Requesting PM to take necessary steps resulting in the ban of PETA, he urged 40 lakh dairy farmers associated with Amul and around 15 lakh others to write to the PM seeking an immediate ban on PETA. 

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