An interesting story on Bollywood of Pollywood!

Bollywood is rocking the world, and so is Pollywood. Where we all in love with both the industries, we have combined them and matched the personalities, presenting you the Bollywood of Pollywood. Have a look, and enjoy these perfect matches from both the industries.

Gurdas Mann- Amitabh Bachchan

Gurdas Mann is definitely the Amitabh Bachchan of Punjabi Industry. Both of them have been in the industry and entertaining us for years. No doubt they both have proved their skills many times, but we must say, they have earned the love and respect much more than awards & honors.

Diljit Dosanjh- Shahrukh Khan

Diljit is the king of romance in Pollywood, and hence we present him the title of Shahrukh Khan of Punjabi Industry. They both are loved for their personalities on & off the screen. And when it comes to their fans, females lead.

Amrinder Gill- Aamir Khan

Both of them being a perfectionist in their jobs, Amrinder Gill is Aamir Khan of Pollywood. They both have been working on clean and family-friendly content since forever. Their projects don’t rush the screens one after another but are must-watch whenever release. We must say, they both are more artistic than any other artist in both industries.

Babbu Mann- Salman Khan

We believe Babbu Mann is the Salman Khan of Pollywood, due to their different level craze among their fans. They are personalities, which are either loved or hated but can never be ignored. Who says is normal, when people get tattoos of their names, craved on their bodies.

Ammy Virk- Ayushmaan Khurrana

Keeping Ammy’s adorable singing and natural acting in mind, we must say, he is Ayushmaan Khurrana of our Punjabi Industry. They both have been known for their perfect content, choices, voice, and natural acting. And both of them are growing by working hard, without any controversies.

Jimmy Shergill- Ranbir Kapoor

It was a little difficult to choose Ranbir Kapoor of Pollywood, but with the crazy female following and great looks, Jimmy Shergill has fit in the standards well. Also, both of them have been in updates, due to the news of their link-ups.

Sargun Mehta- Deepika Padukone

Being an outsider, and from a non-filmy background, Sargun Mehta is Deepika Padukone of Pollywood. With their struggles, both the beautiful ladies made it really big in the industries. We all love them, for their incredible growth and motivating personalities

Parmish Verma- Tiger Shroff

Due to the unnecessary and overrated action sequences in the movies, we feel, Parmish Verma is Tiger Shroff of Punjabi Industry. Their movies include less of acting, but more drama. And the most important is, both of them have been popular and great content for memes, all because of their beards.

Gippy Grewal- Akshay Kumar

Gippy Grewal is Akshay Kumar of Pollywood because undoubtedly, both of them are machines of movies because they are on screen most of the time. Talking about their comic timing, its excellent, and so is their business personalities.

Dev Kharoud- Sunny Deol

There is no doubt why Dev Kharoud is Sunny Deol of Punjabi Industry. Both of them are blessed with great personalities, unbeatable dialogue delivery, and power-packed performance. There can never be anyone like them, in both the industries.

These celebrities really fitted well in other’s personalities. There would be many more, but these are the ones who rocked on screens. Did you find the better half of your favorite celebrity?

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