What is ‘Timed Out’ Rule in Cricket? Angelo Mathews Became First Player To Be Timed Out In Cricket

First time in 146 years in the History of international cricket, Sri Lanka’s veteran batter Angelo Mathews was ruled ‘ Timed Out’ during the team’s match with Bangladesh on Monday. Angelo Mathew is the first cricketer to be ruled Timed Out in International cricket. Before this, 6 cricketers have been ruled Timed Out in the first class cricket. 

What Happened During The Match? Why Was He Timed Out?

This incident happened during the 25th over of the Sri Lanka innings. Samarawickrama had just been dismissed by Shakib Ali after which Mathews took his time walking in. After that he struggled with this helmet because the strap was broken as he grabbed the wrong helmet. 

Soon after realizing this, he signaled to the dressing room for the new helmet but by then the Bangladesh players appealed for a “time out” which was upheld by the umpires.

What is the Timed Out rule in cricket?

According to the MCC rules of cricket, an incoming batsman gets 3 minutes to take guard for the next ball. However in the world cup the stipulated time period is 2 minutes only. If a batsman takes more than 2 minutes to take strike for the next ball, he can be dismissed. Angelo Mathew took more than 2 minutes as he was struggling with the helmet which is why he was Timed out by the umpires.

Also during the case of ” Timed Out” dismissal in Cricket, the bowler does not get credited for the dismissal of the wicket as the batsman got dismissed because of his own failure of reaching the crease within the stipulated time period.

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