‘I Fu*king Don’t Care’: Anjali Arora Speaks On The MMS Leak Scandal

Social media influencer Anjali Arora is a popular name among netizens who are extremely active on the internet. She is known for making trending Instagram reels and rose to fame with her participation in the popular and controversial show Lock Upp. The show hosted by Kangana Ranaut grew to massive popularity and its contestants also earned an amazing fan following. 

But currently, Anjali Arora is not in the buzz because of any of her viral reels, but an extremely viral MMS. Yes, an intimate MMS alleged to be of Anjali Arora has gone viral on the internet and has become a sensational topic of discussion.

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While most netizens are extremely sure that the girl in the viral video is none other than Anjali, her fans are trying their best to defend their favourite social media influencer. 

While it is still not officially confirmed if the girl in the video is Anjali or not, the popular influencer is continuing to defend herself and stating it’s not her. Recently also, when she was snapped by paps, Anjali spoke on the viral MMS issue. She stated, “Jinse Barabari Nahi Ho Pati, Woh Badnaami Shuru Kar Hi Dete Hain. Logo ko karne do jo karna hai whatever. I fu**ing don’t care about anyone.”

(Those who can’t compete, start defaming you. Let people do whatever they want to. I fu*king doesn’t care about anyone.)

This is not the first time she has spoken on the hot issue. Earlier in an interview with Sidharth Kannan also, Anjali Arora broke down while talking about the MMS clip. 

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She even said, “I don’t know kyun kar rhe hain, in logon ne hi to mujhe bnaya hai. Inki bhi family hai, meri bhi family hai. Meri family bhi sare videos dekhti hai.” 

(I Don’t know why they are doing this to me, these are the same people who made me. They also have families; I too have a family. My family also watched all the videos.)

These statements of Anjali are again going viral. While the internet is divided on this debate, an official confirmation about the viral MMS is awaited.

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