Another Case Against Sidhu Moosewala For Derogatory Remarks For Lawyers In Sanju Song

It looks like it’s almost impossible to keep Sidhu Moosewala and legal trouble away from each other. After already going through a number of legal battles and fighting many ongoing ones, another case has been filed against singer-turned-politician Sidhu Moosewala. 

According to the reports of True Scoop News, Advocate Sunil Kumar Mallan has moved to the Chandigarh District Court against Sidhu Moosewala accusing him of using derogatory words against lawyers in his song ‘Sanju’. The song was officially released on 16 July, 2020 during the time of Arms Act case against Sidhu for allegedly firing an AK 47 in a viral video.

Earlier advocate Sunil Kumar Mallan had sent a legal notice to Sidhu for the same song back in 2021. Once again, the petitioner has moved to court against him. The complaint comes when Punjab Assembly Elections 2022 are almost on the doorsteps.

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Along with being a prolific singer, Sidhu Moosewala is also Congress’ MLA Candidate from Mansa Constituency for Punjab Assembly Elections 2022. Being his first ever election, Sidhu has been actively campaigning for him and his party for the past few months. He joined Congress back in December 2021.

Ever since Sidhu stepped in politics, he has been surrounded by controversies. Along with facing massive backlash from Public after joining Congress, Sidhu also faced opposition from within his party. Many Congress leaders opposed him as MLA Candidate from Mansa and this made Mansa one of the most controversial seats in the state. Finally Sidhu was given the ticket but the opposition hasn’t yet died down.

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The voting is set to take place on 20 February, 2022. It is yet to be seen if the case filed by Sunil Kumar Mallan will have any effect on Sidhu’s MLA run or not. The singer-politician is yet to give his reaction on the case.

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