Is Another Pandemic On The Way? China Suffers Through An Undiagnosed Pneumonia

These days, a strange type of pneumonia is wreaking havoc in China, which has caused the Coronavirus pandemic to the entire world. This new type of virus is expected to become another pandemic and affect the world in the same way.

An outbreak of mysterious pneumonia is spreading in the schools situated in China. The situation remains exactly the same as it was at the beginning of Corona. The number of patients admitted to hospitals is increasing.

It is being said that the number of sick children is increasing in the hospitals of Beijing and Liaoning cities. The most worrying thing is that even health experts and doctors do not know much about it, due to which there is difficulty in treatment. There are reports that schools are going to be closed soon in view of the growing crisis. 

According to the information received so far, it is affecting children more. It is being  that more school children are falling prey to it and more children are among those getting admitted. Many common symptoms are seen in the admitted patients, of which fever is a major symptom. Apart from this, other symptoms such as swelling in the lungs, high fever, cough and other symptoms related to respiratory diseases are being seen in the school children.

ProMed, which is an open access surveillance platform tracking world wide diseases, issued an alert on Tuesday evening regarding this “undiagnosed pneumonia” affecting children.

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