Karan Aujla 2019 Vibes To Come Back? Roach Killa Offers Another Song Like 2 Am

Do you remember the 2019 Karan Aujla? Tracks after tracks and all superhits! It was the time when Karan Aujla established himself in the industry with songs like Hint, Koi Chakkar Nai, Don’t Look and 2 Am. The track 2 Am received immense love from the audience and immediately climbed music charts after its release.

The audience could not get happier news than this. We could probably get to listen to another track like 2 Am from Karan Aujla! Yes you read it right! Karan aujla recently released his much awaited EP, Way Ahead. Under one of the Instagram posts on Karan’s official Instagram handle, music producer Roach Killa dropped a comment that has turned up the meter.

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Roach Killa offered Karan Aujla to make another song like ‘2 am’ together. He also asked the audience to tag Karan Aujla in the comment section. The fans flooded the comment section with comments, requesting Karan Aujla to accept Roach Killa’s offer.

Roach Killa was the music producer of 2 Am and the fans cannot hold their excitement back imagining the two back together. While Karan Aujla has come a long way with his recent EP Way Ahead, the audience still misses the old kind of tracks from the artist. 

We hope Karan Aujla accepts this offer and we get to see the two together again. There hasn’t been any reply from Karan Aujla yet but Roach Killa and Aujla share a good bond and the two can actually make something like 2 am come true in near time.

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