Anti – Hijab Protest In Iran, Nine Arrested, All Nabbed Are Foreigners: Report

After the recent massive anti-hijab protests across Iran, sweeping the country, the Intelligence Ministry Of Iran has claimed that nine foreigners have been arrested. Moreover, in a statement quoted by news agency INRA, the people arrested on Friday are the citizens of Poland, Sweden, Netherlands, Germany, France and Italy. 

As per the information, the anger against Iran’s ruling clerics has increased in response to Mahsa Amini’s death in custody. Reportedly, she was nabbed for allegedly wearing the required Islamic headscarf “too loosely”. While the police stated she died due to heart attack, her family claims that she was beaten to death. However, the officials cleared that the investigation is ongoing. 

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As claimed by Iran, the outsiders were behind the daily rallies that erupted across the nation for the past two weeks. However, such allegations have been refuted by protesters, who call their act as a spontaneous revolt against the nation’s severe dress code, including the compulsory hijab for women in public.

According to Amnesty International, the arrests took place as it is revealed in the leaked official documents that Iran directed its security forces to suppress the anti-government protests that erupted earlier this month. Agnes Callamard, Secretary General of Amnesty International, stated that the Iranian government made a deliberate decision to hurt or kill the individuals who took to the streets to protest decades of oppression and injustice.

Shockingly, the media reports claim that during the protests, the security personnel have even beaten the lady agitators, along with the other protestors. Symbolically, the protesting women removed their headscarves to mark their opposition. Moreover, the violence was seen in the areas at the border of Pakistan and Afghanistan. 

Reportedly, in the city of Zahedan, a gunman opened fire and even thrown bombs at a police station. However, it isn’t clear yet if the violence was a part of the anti-government protests across the country, or the reason was different. The videos viral on social media, shows firing and a burning police vehicle. 

Reportedly, despite the authorities stalled the internet services and blocked access to various social media applications like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, etc, reportedly, the people used proxy and virtual private networks to share the information.

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