AP Dhillon & Banita Sandhu in Relationship? Netizens Confused Over Recent Video Song ‘With You’

AP Dhillon is surely ruling the nation with his songs but we were not aware that he would rule the hearts of Bollywood actresses as well. We are not talking about his professional front this time, but rather about his personal life. 

AP has just released a song titled as ‘With You’ that features Bollywood actress Banita Sandhu as the female model. Well that’s not something extraordinary, what has grabbed our attention is the music video of the song. The all mushy and lovely video has forced netizens to take up the hints about the two. 

AP has himself recorded the music video of With You which is not something very common. The video seems to be recorded from AP Dhillon’s POV, from his personal mobile phone’s camera while he was spending quality time with Banita abroad, in the music video. 

As per the rumors, AP Dhillon and Banita Sandhu are in a relationship. And that’s the reason, the music video of With You looks more appealing and pleasing to the fans. A few months ago, around April-May, AP was on a trip to Europe and shared some glimpse of that on his snapchat which had the similar feel as that of the freshly released song. 

Moreover, AP’s song True Stories had a line, ‘Tu Hasse Ta Lagge Tu Khushi Kapoor’ which made fans curious to know if something was cooking between the Punjabi artist and Bollywood starkid Khushi Kapoor. But the line has now been taken in term by the fans after the release of With You’s video. 

According to the dear fans of AP, Banita somewhere looks like Khushi Kapoor while laughing and that’s the reason AP Dhillon mentioned that line in True Stories, dedicating it to his rumored love Banita Sandhu. 

However, all of these are just rumors and assumptions by the netizens until the duo themselves make it official. Furthermore, fans in the comment section of AP and Banita are questioning if this music video in itself is the official announcement about their relationship. Banita Sandhu even posted a mushy picture where the rumored couple can be seen locking lips.

If the rumors are true, then we must say, AP Dhillon and Banita Sandhu make a lovely couple. 

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