AP Dhillon’s With You Music Copied? Here’s The Truth About The Rumours

AP Dhillon is soaring high as his new song ‘With You’ has reached a great level of success. Almost everybody is humming the tunes of this songs and most of the reels we see on Instagram are featuring this song. 

AP Dhillon, in this song is seen expressing his love for Banita Sandhu and they both look very adorable. Both of them look like a perfect and cute couple madly in love. 

A lot of users have also made reels on this song manifesting a relationship like this. AP Dhillon has sung several songs but ‘With You’ has won many hearts as it has taken the level of romantic songs to a higher pedestal. 

However recently, there has been a controversy flaring on Instagram that AP Dhillon has copied the music of this song from someone else. 

Kasmin Fernandez, a contributor to the Free Press Journal and ex staff writer at the TOI put up a story that AP has copied the music of ‘With You’ from ‘I won’t follow through’ by singer Rathew. 

If you hear the songs carefully, you would definitely notice an uncanny similarity in between the two.

But after few hours she came up with an update and cleared the doubts. So basically it turns out that AP Dhillon and Rathew bought the same beat from the same London based producer Rabbel. They laid vocals on the same beat and adjusted the length of the song as per they desired. 

So technically, AP Dhillon did not copy anyone. He legally gave vocals on this music without any plagiarism.

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