AP Dhillon’s New Album Leaked. Who’s Behind This?

An upcoming new album which was soon to be released by AP Dhillon has been leaked. Two songs from the album have been leaked including ‘Sada Pyar’ with Big Shot producer Money Musik. After the confirmation of the leaked songs, questions arises who could have been behind this?

To get the update we reached out to AP Dhillon and Producer, but received no revert. Though they have shared their statements on their social media handles.

This story was shared by Gurinder Gill on his Instagram handle in which he wrote,

‘Although we had delayed the release date for our EP, various streaming services failed to process our request in time leading to the ‘leak’ of our music. Because of this, we will be releasing our EP ‘Not By Chance’ tonight for all our fans.’

After all this, giving fire to rumours Big Boy Deep from Brown Boyz Gang took a dig into this and claimed that, AP Dhillon’s album was leaked because Sidhu Moosewala might have suggested that.

Brown Boyz did claim many times that Sidhu leaks his songs himself and puts the blame on them, though Sidhu really blames them.

Kiddaan doesn’t take sides, so we leave that on you to think that who might have leaked AP Dillon’s Album. We know “Sada Pyar” is winning hearts on social media and we congratulate AP Dhillon for the amazing track. If you haven’t seen it yet here is the video for you:

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