Are You Following A Fake Account Of Farmer Leader Rakesh Tikait?

The 51-year-old Delhi Police constable-turned-farmer leader admits to have voted for the BJP in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. So did most in his Jat community-dominated village of Sisauli in Uttar Pradesh’s Muzaffarnagar district.  But do you know that there are several fake accounts in the name Rakesh Tikait, according to a recent report there are several accounts on twitter which claim to be Rakesh Tikait’s.

Several imposter accounts created in the name of BKU leader Rakesh Tikait have gathered a large following on Twitter.

  1. @RakeshTkaite (over 40,000 followers)
  2. @rkeshtikait (over 33,000 followers)
  3. @rakestikait (close to 20,000 followers)
  4. @DineshKaushik_ (closer to 15,000 followers)

But none of the account is the verified handle of Rakesh Tikait.

One can imagine the camouflage occurs due to fake account of RAKESH TIKAIT is that, Arvind Kejriwal an Ex IRS officer and CM of Delhi also tweeted back on one of his fake account’s tweet that has crossed 5k follower. Just peep through the kejriwal’s tweet
Although on the basis of official Facebook page of Rakesh Tikait, that has close to four hundred thousand followers, the farmer leader’s official Twitter account is @RakeshTikaitBKU that has about 75,000 followers, and his official Instagram handle is rakesh.tikait that has approximately 25,000 followers.

Source: Alt News

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