Who is Arjan Bhullar? First Indian-Origin MMA World Champion

Arjan Bhullar is an amazing athlete who has devoted his life to professional sports. He grew up in a family of wrestlers and learned Indian Kushti wrestling from his father. Later, he switched to Freestyle wrestling and excelled in the sport at every level.

Bhullar achieved many titles in wrestling, both at the provincial and national levels. While in university, he became a champion twice. His biggest accomplishment came at the Commonwealth Games, where he won a gold medal. This was a special moment for him, as his extended family from Punjab came to support him in Delhi.

He represented Canada in the 2012 Olympics and then he decided to pursue a career in mixed martial arts (MMA). He used to have a very hard training and won his first six professional fights, impressing everyone with his knockout victories. In his third fight, he became the heavyweight champion in the Battlefield Fight League and for the two times he had defended his title 

Bhullar’s success caught the attention of major MMA organizations, and he made a name for himself in North America. He recently joined ONE Championship, a top MMA promotion, with the goal of becoming a world champion in the heavyweight division.Bhullar’s Family was also very indulged in the wrestling . He travelled the world with his father, watching him wrestle in akharas. Wrestling became their identity, and Arjan found his passion in the sport. He continued wrestling through school and university, eventually reaching the Commonwealth Games.

After a setback at the London Olympics, Bhullar took a break and searched for top-notch gyms to train in. He started competing locally and achieved great success. The UFC, the ultimate fighting organization, noticed his talent, and he became the first Indian-origin man to compete in their fights. He was very proud of his culture and tradition and always wanted to contribute towards it.

He later switched to ONE Championship because they had plans to cater to the Indian audience, which appealed to him. He won his first championship in 2021, and from then onwards the winning streak is maintained . he always wear the turban representing his culture and the roots from where he belongs and also carry a golden mace gifted to him by Dara Singh, a famous wrestler, actor, and politician.

Arjan Bhullar’s journey from wrestling to MMA is a story of dedication and resilience. He had become an inspiration for the youth of Punjab, who are mostly prey of the drug abuse. Bhullar leaves a mark in the world of sports, creating a legacy for future generations.

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