Arjan Dhillon Confirmed His New Album With Female Superstar Nimrat Khaira

Arjan Dhillon Confirmed His New Album With Female Superstar Nimrat Khaira

Goldy Kahlon and Satpal Malhi, known as Desi Crew, did a live session on Youtube quite a month ago. During the session, a fan asked them about their current project with Nimrat Khaira. The duo replied that Nimrat Khaira is preparing for an album and they collaborated with her on it. 

Nimrat Khaira is one of the most talented stars of Pollywood. Whether it is singing or acting, she always delivers her best and also gets a lot of praise for her performance. Now it seems like several songs are on their way as Nimrat Khaira will soon release a music album. It has been also speculated before that she is collaborating with singer-writer Arjan Dhillon for one of the songs in the album. But recently, Arjan Dhillon has cleared the assumptions and confirmed the news that he has pens down not one song but the whole album of Nimrat. 

Though, this is not the first time Nimrat will be singing Arjan’s song, the duo has collaborated for many hit songs like Ranihaar, Suit.

Further, Desi Crew might be giving the music to the album. Now they have created a lot of gossip among fans as all the promised artists are coming together and it is sure that they will produce something gigantic and unique.

Coming to the cinematic front, Nimrat Khaira has a lot of films in her kitty including some anticipated movies like Saunkan Saunkne and Jodi

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