Arjan Dhillon Targeting Someone In His Recent Instagram Story?

Arjan Dhillon is an artist who hasn’t indulged in any major controversies since he made his debut in the industry. Even if his name is dragged into some controversies, the artist prefers to shrug it off rather than getting involved in a reply chain. But recently, the artist uploaded an Instagram story with some text on it and the audience is speculating he is referring to someone!

The Punjabi text on Arjan’s recent Instagram story is speculated to hold a meaning to itself. He wrote, referring anonymously, “ Don’t go worshipping anywhere, first listen to their singing then give them the money”. Now, there are no guesses as to whom Arjan Dhillon is referring in this story of his.

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Arjan is a personality who doesn’t like to be in controversies. But this time, the artist might be taking shots at somebody through this story. We have no idea regarding whom the story is about but one thing is for sure, it cannot be all meaningless.

It might be a reply to someone’s comments or Arjan might be referring to an issue we are completely unaware of. However, we hope the issue is clear as soon as possible and we get the story behind Arjan’s Instagram story. 

In addition to this, Arjan Dhillon is almost set to drop his album! This year should rightly be declared as the ‘Year of Albums’ for the Punjabi Music Industry. Almost all the major artists have dropped their albums this year and Arjan Dhillon is surely not staying behind. We will see Arjan dropping an album this month!

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