Arjan Dhillon To Release His Next Album Soon, Title Decoded. Read To Know The Album’s Name

We have been very well aware of Arjan Dhillon’s ‘Album’ surprises in recent times. From discussing his singles and albums with his fans to releasing them without any much hype, Arjan Dhillon has surely got that power to rule the playlist simply. The artist is now again set to release his next album and the hype has just started getting high, without even the official announcement by him. 

Arjan Dhillon posted a poll on his Instagram story asking fans if he should drop an EP or an Album next. The response he received was in favor of releasing another album as he has already delivered 3 superhit albums back to back. As soon as the poll received maximum votes for ‘Album’, the artist made some changes in his Instagram username and guess what, our eyes sighted it immediately. 

Arjan has changed his username from ‘Arjan’ to ‘Saroor’, which he might have finalized as his upcoming album’s name. We aren’t saying it in vain as this is not the first time such changes have been made on his IG handle. Before releasing his album ‘A For Arjan’, the artist changed his username to that of his tape’s title and when it came out, we were surprised to have guessed the right information. 

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Now, again the singer-lyricist is ready to set the musical bars high as he is coming up with another album, SAROOR, very soon. We are sure that its release won’t take much time and will be before the audience in a few days.

Arjan Dhillon’s debut EP, The Future Vol. 1 (2020) received a great response from the audience, following his 3 consecutive albums, Awara (2021), Jalwa (2022), A For Arjan (2022). And we can’t wait for his fourth album now. 

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No doubt, the expectations from Saroor are already high and we are just waiting for more official updates on the album soon. Meanwhile, Arjan’s recently released track Night Out is trending over the internet and Instagram reels. Now wait until he releases next track, probably the album, till then, you can enjoy Arjan Dhillon’s previous albums by clicking on the links below: 

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