Arjun Kanungo To Get Married To Longtime Girlfriend Carla Dennis On THIS Date

Popular and sensational singer Arjun Kunango is surely a heartthrob and is the dream boy of thousands of girls. But he is soon going to break their hearts as the singer is planning to get married really soon. 

Yes, you read that right. Arjun Kunango is soon to tie the wedding knot with his longtime girlfriend and fiancé Carla Dennis. The grand celebrity wedding will take place on 11 August, and the couple will be hitched to each other by following a traditional Hindu marriage. They have been dating each other for seven long years and will get married in Mumbai in the presence of family and friends. 

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Talking about the same, Arjun stated, “Carla understands Indian weddings and has, in fact, taken over the prep completely. She picked the venues and hired a wedding planner. She also selected my outfits for the wedding. Even though her family is not from India, they too are gung-ho about our traditions and are excitedly working on their Indian wedding attire and prep.”

And not only this, but the couple will also host a white wedding soon in April 2023. Though Arjun did not believe in the idea of marriage earlier, he is now all excited to finally step ahead in the relationship.

He stated, “I never thought I would ever get married. Carla changed my life! She’s the reason we are in a successful relationship and are getting married. She never pushed me to get married. Although I knew that she wanted to get married, she had given up as she knew my thoughts. She was okay not getting married as long as we were together and happy. Seeing that Carla was willing to adjust, I thought that if she was willing to compromise for me, why was I being so stubborn?”

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The couple is also planning their honeymoon in Japan immediately after their wedding in August. The Kanungo fans are super excited while there are some girls who are dealing with the pain of heartbreak. 

Arjun no longer is going to be an eligible bachelor, as we will be married soon. Team Kiddaan wishes the couple heartiest congratulations and best wishes.

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