IT Ministry Summons Wikipedia After Arshdeep Singh’s Page Was Tampered With Separatist Claims

What gives you fame-sometimes ruins your name, this phrase is seemingly true for Young Indian Cricketer Arshdeep Singh for the past few hours. This brilliant Indian cricketer placed every ball at the point to be called a Gem of Indian Cricket but made one mistake that resulted in the burst of anger of ICT fans over him.

India vs Pakistan cricket match is always a high pressure event and young gun Arshdeep Singh felt the pressure and dropped a catch of Pakistani player Mohd. Asif at a crucial juncture of the match. As true cricket fans we know ‘dropping of catch’ is just a part of the game, however, some don’t think the same.

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Someone took the anger out on the cricketer’s Wikipedia page. Arshdeep Wikipedia page was edited deliberately to tamper the details of the young Indian talent. The wikipedia page of Arshdeep was edited with the separatist claims. 

The word ‘India‘ was replaced with ‘Khalistan’ in the bio of Arshdeep’s Wikipedia page. These deliberate edits were made to relate the dropped catch of Arshdeep with Khalistan. These edits targeted Arshdeep’s religious inclination and questioned his nationalistic faith. However, the page is now again edited with true details and all the tampered information has been corrected by Wikipedia.

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Meanwhile, the IT Ministry of India has summoned Wikipedia Officials of India after the young Indian star Cricketer’s page was tampered and serious separatist claims were made. India’s IT ministry has asked Wikipedia authorities to clarify how Indian cricketer Arshdeep Singh’s Wikipedia page details were changed after the match on Sunday (September 4) against Pakistan. 

The high-level panel, likely to be led by the IT Ministry secretary, will question Wikipedia’s executives in India on checks and balances in place to avoid such edits, and may also issue them a show-cause notice.

Although Arshdeep Singh delivered a highly restrictive spell of 1/27 off his 3.5 overs. In fact he was the only pacer from both teams to concede less than 30 runs in the match. But still he faced a huge backlash just for one dropped catch.

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This is not the first time any Indian cricketer was targeted over the religion they believe. Indian pacer Mohammad Shami was also at the receiving end of some of the most absurd trolling and Islamophobic allegations on his patriotism after an indifferent spell in the defeat against Pakistan at the T20 World Cup in Dubai last year.

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