Arvind Kejriwal’s BIG Allegation: BJP Has Bought 227 MLAs For Rs 5,500 Crores Till Now!!!

The AAP convenor and Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal, after claiming that the BJP offered a bride of ₹800 crores to buy 40 MLAs of the Aam Aadmi Party, now Mr. Kejriwal has again slammed the BJP, accusing it of spending ₹5,500 crores for buying 227 MLAs from the other par till now.   

He stated, ” As per our count, 277 MLAs in all have joined the BJP till now. In other words, the BJP has already purchased 277 MLAs. Even if each MLA had been bought for ₹20 crores, the party has already spent a total of ₹5,500 crores to buy these 227 MLAs.” CM Kejriwal made this explosive allegation today, slamming the BJP. 

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Moreover, he even blamed the alleged “horse-buying” of the MLAs by the BJP, as the major reason behind the rising inflation. “The money wasted by the BJP to buy the MLAs, has now been taken from the public. This is the reason behind high inflation,” said Mr. Kejriwal. As quoted in a tweet on the official handle of news agency ANI:

“The BJP, through its so-called “Operation Lotus” is trying to topple the governments in different states ruled by the opposition parties. Recently they brought down the MVA government in Maharashtra, now they’re trying to bring down the government of Jharkhand, and eyeing on Delhi as well,” he further added. 

Yesterday, CM Arvind Kejriwal called a meeting of all the AAP MLAs at his residence in Delhi, where, reportedly, 7 MLAs were not present. However, the Aam Aadmi Party, citing various reasons for the absence of these 7 MLAs, stated that all its 62MLAs are intact and going nowhere, adding that the BJP’s operation lotus has failed in Delhi.

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