Arzoi: New Punjabi Movie Featuring Roopi Gill And Nirmal Rishi Announced

By each day passing by, many Punjabi movies are being announced and getting on board to release soon. Another Punjabi movie has made an entry in the list and this time it stars two amazing and much loved actors from our Punjabi industry. 

A new movie has been announced which features the youth favorite Roopi Gill and the much adored veteran actress Nirmal Rishi in the leading roles. This movie will be called ‘Arzoi’. Arzoi means ‘Ardaas’ or a ‘humble request to Nanak’. The name itself is so beautiful, how can we not get thrilled about this movie’s announcement. Arzoi will be directed by Doorben director Ishaan Chopra, who, sharing the announcement, mentioned that this film will remain close to everyone’s hearts.

Arzoi will be presented under OmJee Star Studios and will be produced by Shabeel Shamsher Singh, Jass Dhami, Ashu Munish Sahani and Sukhmanpreet Singh. The motion poster, released by the team, has India’s popular India Gate on one side and on the other side, London’s famous London bridge. Joining the dots, it might be a story related to India and London, but who except the makers know, what will it come out to be. 

We just already have got the reasons to get excited for the movie. One is the public favourite Roopi Gill and the other is Nirmal Rishi. Roopi Gill was last seen in Laiye Je Yaarian opposite Harish Verma and Nirmal Rishi in the movies like Nikka Zaildar 3.

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Both Nirmal Rishi and Roopi Gill are set to share the screens again for the second time after Vadda Kalakaar, which was Roopi’s second movie as the lead actress. The shoot of Arzoi is set to begin soon and the fans have already got cheered up to witness this movie in the theaters very soon. 

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