Asi Vaddange Song Supporting The Farmer’s Protest Deleted In Many Countries

Punjabi artists have been supporting the ongoing farmer’s protest from the very beginning. Since the first strike on 25th september in punjab, punjabi celebrities have come out in open strikes, spoken on the issue, released songs glorifying the protest and warned the central government. 

Tracks like Kisaan Anthem by various artists, Panjab by Sidhu Moosewala, Zaalam Sarkaran by Gippy Grewal have positively helped the protest. One such hit is “Asi Vaddange” by Himmat Sandhu, punjabi lyricist and singer. The song was released four months ago in support of the farmer’s protest going on in India. The song talks about the atrocities of the government against the farmers and warns the government to not come into their (farmer’s)  fields, else they’ll slay.

The song has been recently removed from youtube in many countries. The reason behind removing the song is “a legal complaint by the government” as mentioned by youtube. The song is very popular among youth supporting the farmer’s protest. Songs have played an important role in keeping the spirits of the protesters always high and deletion of this song is a big blow. 

The song has fetched 13 million views since its release. It has become a sort of anthem for the protest and is widely played by youth on tractors marching towards the capital city, to show their support to farmers.

Article by: Gautam

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