Asim Riaz Denies Targeting Shehnaaz In His Last Tweet After Being Bashed By Public

A video of Shehnaaz Gill has been circulating all over the internet, here the actress is seen dancing and enjoying the engagement of her manager. Soon after the video came out, the rapper and model Asim Riaz tweeted which left netizens fuming. 

While Asim didn’t name anyone, fans of Shehnaaz said the tweet was directed at the actress, and stood up for her on his timeline. His tweet was considered as a direct dig at Shehnaaz Gill.

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But now to clear this air, Asim took to his social media and came up with a befitting reply, ‘Guys I got your attention and I think I need to clear this now.. I lost one of my good friends last month from Jammu and few of my friends from the same group are partying right now in Goa.. so actually I was telling them not who u all are assuming and remember if I wanna say anything I have those guts to come up and say it directly.’ 

‘I have close ones too, I have my homies around too. So stop targeting, stop taking out loopholes and stop taking sympathy,’ he concluded.

Meanwhile, Asim’s fan defended that the post was for someone else, fans did not take his words kindly. After ‘Shame On Asim Riaz’, Asim’s fans started trending ‘WE ARE WITH ASIM RIAZ’. Himanshi Khurana too has joined the trend now.

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