Asli Daud Highlights That The Punjab Music And Film Industry Is Beyond “Balle Balle”

Asli Daud Highlights That The Punjab Music And Film Industry Is Beyond “Balle Balle”

The entertainment sector in Punjab has come a long way with a string of hits, films, music videos, and more.

To understand the growth of a particular sector, people need to understand and dig deeper into how the forces behind these industries, in the form of talented and knowledgeable professionals, have worked their way to the top. These sectors have been on a consistent growth pedestal because these individuals walked on unconventional paths and worked around progressive ideas and visions to bring more greatness and glory to them. Huge contributions so far have been made in these industries, especially in the music and film niches of the Punjabi entertainment world, which over the years have only seen signs of an upward growth trend, explains Asli Daud, the man who has been making a lot of headlines lately for the kind of enormous and incredible work he has done as a versatile business talent.

Owning an outstanding empire Asli Media Group, Asli Daud with Asli Digital Media, Asli Media Partners, and BollyDad has taken giant strides in the business world, proving his mettle as a game-changer in the same. With Asli Digital Media, he talks about how the company has caused fame to knock on the doors of various artists, influencers, business personalities, and more with the help of a myriad set of services like personal branding, social media growth, and much more. He throws light specifically on the Punjabi entertainment space, as he says he noticed an evident rise of the sector over the years and saw how digital marketing played a pivotal role in upping the game of the industry.

About the Punjabi music and film industry, he says, “Today, the Punjabi entertainment sector has gone beyond “Balle Balle,” and audiences have started seeing it in a different light, with the strings of hit films, music videos, and more entertaining stuff it has provided people with. However, I also believe that digital marketing and excellent PR services have contributed heavily to this growth, which has become possible with companies like mine.”

Asli Daud ( further adds that his company excels at taking forward artists through digital marketing and PR strategies, which has helped thrive the media and entertainment space of Punjab in remarkable ways.

Lastly, the mediapreneur asserts that with winning marketing and PR campaigns, the Punjabi entertainment world will only rise to new growth standards in the coming years.

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