Athra Style Review (YIAS): Jenny Johal’s Addition In The Sidhu Moosewala’s Song Makes It Movie-Perfect

Athra Style Review (YIAS): Jenny Johal’s Addition In The Sidhu Moosewala’s Song Makes It Movie-Perfect

‘Yes I Am Student’ was Sidhu Moosewala’s first movie announcement. It was years back when Sidhu announced that he was coming up with a movie on the lives of international students, directed by Tarnvir Singh Jagpal and written by Gill Raunta. Ever since, the fans have been waiting for the single moment when YIAS will finally hit theatres.

And finally, the trailer of the movie was unveiled. The audience was so impressed with the trailer but more than that, there were talks about a song included in it. The audience got to listen to a few parts of ‘Athra Style’, and immediately, it became the most awaited song from the movie. Finally, Athra Style has become the second song to be released, after Saab, from the movie.

ATHRA STYLE Lyrics – Sidhu Moosewala Ft Jenny Johal – Yes I Am Student Movie

It features the strong and melodious vocals of Jenny Johal and Sidhu Moosewala. Both of the singers have tuned very well with each other and feel like a perfect duet. The unique composition of the song has been created by none other than Sidhu himself and today, there is hardly anybody who would argue that Sidhu is a master of compositions. Athra Style has a completely ‘Athri’ composition that the audience was dying to listen to.

The Kidd’s music has worked like a cherry on top of the cake. The composition of Athra Style required an equally unique music and The Kidd never fails to impress us. Everytime someone doubts this man’s abilities, he comes crushing them under his feet with his remarkable art. Athra Style is not just a regular duet song, but a movie song. The video of the song is not only going to be a normal romantic one and will present some twist in the movie at the end.

Overall, this was a song that the audience was waiting for a long time. It had high expectations and it hasn’t fallen short of them at any department. Jenny Johal and Sidhu Moosewala’s vocal chemistry is sweet and The Kidd’s music makes it sweeter! It will be a treat to listen and watch this song in the theatres when Yes I Am Student is finally released on 22 October, 2021.

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