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After Canada, It’s Australia that is the priority of Punjabis to settle. According to a 2016 census, Punjabi is the fastest-growing language in Australia. Australia is the home of over 1 lakh 32 thousand Punjabis. Australia is also the second choice of students dreaming to study abroad, only behind Canada.

The country of Australia is a whole lot different than the Indian subcontinent. The paperwork, the legal formalities to get settled, the climatic conditions of the country and the job opportunities are totally different from India.

So, there are various YouTubers that help people seeking to settle in Australia. There are some who provide immigration guidance and also some who give a sneak-peek into how life is like in Australia. These are The Top Youtubers to see for Australian life/immigration:

NSJ Vlogs (95.1K Subscribers)

NSJ is an Australian YouTuber who creates vlogs for his audience. With a subscriber count of more than 95k, NSJ Vlogs is one of the best YouTubers to watch if you are looking for immigration news, guidance as well as an insight in Australian life. The name of the content creator is Navjot Singh and he always brings the latest news relevant to students and workers dreaming to pursue a life in Australia. From his personal experience, he guides the audience on how to crack exams, how to apply for visas, jobs etc. in Australia.

Internash (94.8K Subscribers)

If quality content was a game, Internash would be the top scorer every time. Instead of vlogs, his youtube channel mostly focuses on providing updates of the Australian authorities regarding International students. He also presents his opinions on various decisions and news. The channel also guides students in choosing courses best suited for them, choosing cities and colleges/universities. Internash is the perfect destination if you want to decide whether Australia is appropriate to you after the COVID situation or not.

Tushar Bareja (259K Subscribers)

Tushar Bareja is by far the most subscribed YouTuber on the list. With a massive army of 259000 subscribers, the quality of his content can already be judged. Tushar Bareja is a channel solely dedicated to vlogging in Australia. Taking trips to various beautiful landscapes, oceans, etc. this channel will make you fall in love with the continent. His way of interacting with the audience can never get you bored. Though the channel does not focus on immigration guidance, news and related content like other channels, but to get an idea of how life is in Australia, this is the perfect spot.

Talha Baig (19.8K Subscribers)

This is another vlogging channel based in Australia. This Indian in Australia’s channel is all you need to see before going to Australia. This guy is also by far one of the funniest on the list, so entertainment is surely guaranteed while viewing this channel’s content. Many of his videos also focus on educational content in a different video. Through his funny vines like, Type of scams in Australia, give inside information to students and students can be informed and can avoid such scams when they finally reach Australia.

Gunjit Kumar (14.4K Subscribers)

Gunjit Kumar is an international student in Australia. His channel is totally his experience in Australia, and who can tell you about something better than the guy who is living it. Gunjit Kumar is also a travel enthusiast and is at a new place every day, chilling with his friends. But along with enjoyment, he is also an Indian student working in Australia. Many of his videos also focus on his life at work. He works at Dominos as a delivery boy and international students hoping to work part-time in Australia should surely watch out for his content.

Rahul Mhatre (6.18K Subscribers)

Rahul Mhatre is an Indian Marathi lifestyle vlogger in Australia. Like others on the list, Rahul’s content too focuses on providing an insight into the life of an Indian in Australia. His content is also a must watch out for due to the fact that in addition to his extremely entertaining vlogs with his family he also provides information and news about visas, PR in Australia and much more.

We have prepared this list for our audience due to the fact that Australia is a choice of many Punjabi students after their schooling. And we have countless incidents where students are hoaxed and deceived by fraudulent agents to satisfy their greed for money.

Judging the lifestyle of a country is not possible but these YouTubers’ vlogs prove to be a great help. We hope that our list has proved informative to you and has helped you in making a decision regarding making your move to Australia.

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