Avatar 2 Ending Explained: The Way of Water Ending Explanation

The extended development period paid off when James Cameron released the sequel to 2009’s Avatar thirteen years later. Avatar: The Way of Water came out as a huge success for cinema. 

The Way of Water is even more stunning than the first movie. It has action scenes that are better than the first, and the story is based on the development of layered characters and emotions. In addition, Cameron’s alien mythology is expanded upon in The Way of Water, which depicts a brand-new section of Pandora’s moon overflowing with cultural landmarks and wildlife. 

Cameron could have easily broken up the story of The Way of Water into multiple parts by packing so much into three hours. Therefore, we are here for you if you leave the theatre feeling overwhelmed. 

The Main Plot Of Avatar 2 And The Conclusion Explained 

9 Must Read Fascinating Facts About Avatar 2 Movie Before Booking Your Tickets

What have Neytiri And Jake been Up To Lately? 

9 Must Read Fascinating Facts About Avatar 2 Movie Before Booking Your Tickets

Jake Sully, played by Sam Worthington, helps the Na’vi defeat Colonel Miles Quaritch’s (Stephen Lang’s) military forces at the end of the first Avatar. After their victory, most humans are driven out of Pandora by the Na’vi, allowing the indigenous people to experience a new period of peace on the paradisiacal moon. 

Jake and Neytiri (Zoe Saldana) start a family fifteen years after Avatar, with two sons named Neteyam (Jamie Flatters) and Lo’ak (Britain Dalton) and a daughter named Tuk (Trinity Jo-Li). 

In addition, the couple has adopted Kiri (Sigourney Weaver), a girl who was bafflingly born in the womb of the deactivated Avatar of Dr. Grace. Spider (Jack Champion), a boy born on Pandora who could not return home due to the dangers of cryogeny for infants, is the final character. Spider developed a deep affection for Jake and Neytiri’s children as he matured in the Na’vi culture. 

Who are “The Way Of Water’s” main villains? 

9 Must Read Fascinating Facts About Avatar 2 Movie Before Booking Your Tickets

The Sullys lead their Na’vi tribe together and discover what it truly means to be happy. However, fifteen years after they beat the humans, the colonizers returned to Pandora, bringing war and destruction. 

Jake leads the Na’vi into fierce battles with humans the following year, disrupting their supply chains and attempting to limit their exploration of native life. 

Tragically, the people came ready to confront the Na’vi and carried their group of symbols to chase Jake and his loved ones. 

Recombinants are the name of this new team made up of avatar bodies that hold the memories of fallen warriors like Quaritch, who reach back from the dead to destroy Jake and finish the Na’vi rebellion. 

Why Do the Sullys Leave Pandora? 

Quaritch pursues the warrior’s children to reach Jake, nearly killing some of them. While everybody gets out solid, Insect is hijacked by Quaritch. 

Spider is Quaritch’s son, as it turns out, and despite the Colonel’s Recombinant claims that he does not care for the boy, they begin to bond. 

Spider also plays a crucial role in Quaritch’s plan for vengeance because the boy can teach him the language and customs of the area, giving him an advantage in the battle. 

Jake decides the Sullys should flee and hide among a different tribe to shield his family from Quaritch. Since they are Quaritch’s primary target, their escape would safeguard the rest of their tribe. 

As a result, the Sullys seek refuge in the Metkayina family, also referred to as the Reef People. They must make a new home and learn the water’s ways there. 

Who Are the New Clan of Sully? 

9 Must Read Fascinating Facts About Avatar 2 Movie Before Booking Your Tickets

Avatar: The Second Act: The Metkayina village is where the Way of Water takes place. While the Sullys may be strong fighters in the wilderness, they are oblivious to the Reef Nation’s traditions. 

As a result, they need to learn how to ride new animals and which ones their culture considers sacred. For example, members of the Metkayina clan form soul bonds with Tulkuns, enormous creatures that resemble Earth whales. 

What are Tulkuns? 

9 Must Read Fascinating Facts About Avatar 2 Movie Before Booking Your Tickets

The Tulkuns are sensitive creatures with high intelligence and the ability to communicate with Na’vi. They also have their own culture, which places peace above all else. Lo’ak is the only person in the Sully family to form a relationship with a Tulkun, Paykan, an outcast. 

Paykan led an assault on a whaler as he sought vengeance on the people who had killed his mother. Numerous Tulkuns and Na’vi are killed when the assault fails. 

Paykan is blamed for their deaths, and as a result of betraying the culture of his people by waging war, he is now doomed to swim by himself in the ocean. That is until Lo’ak helps the delicate monster by eliminating a lance trapped in his balance. 

Attacking one of the Metkayina themselves is the same as killing a Tulkun, which can provoke war. Sadly, Amrita, a liquid extract from their brains that can slow down aging, is only available from the Tulkuns. 

This new substance is financing the recent colonization efforts on Pandora. When Quaritch is hunting for Jake, he discovers that his adversary has been hiding in an archipelago home to several Na’vi tribes. 

As a result, the general begins searching for each village, setting fire to homes, stomping on tribe leaders, and killing innocent animals. 

Quaritch decides to bring Jake to him when this tactic fails. A whaler is hijacked by the Colonel, who directs the crew to hunt a Tulkun within Metkayina territory. 

How Does Quaritch Catch the Na’vi Children? 

The Metkayina go to war after the death of a protected Tulkun, but Jake continues to try to persuade everyone to withdraw. To keep the Tulkuns safe and avoid conflict, the clan decided to warn them about human attacks. 

Knowing that Paykan is an outcast and won’t hear from other Tulkuns, Lo’ak issues a warning. Lo’ak is obeyed by his siblings and the children of Tonowari, the Metkayina leader (played by Cliff Curtis), and the whole group meets Quaritch, who is leading a hunt against Paykan. Quaritch is also the leader of the hunt. 

To save the children, Jake and Tonowari rally the Metkayina troops, but they arrive too late. When Na’vi supports show up, Quaritch proactively takes Lo’ak, Tuk, and Tsireya (Bailey Bass) prisoner. Jake is only required to turn on his own accord by the Colonel. 

Paykan attacks the whaler to save Lo’ak just as Jake is about to follow the Colonel’s orders. Furthermore, in the confusion that results, the Na’vi track down the ideal chance to obliterate the people. 

Who Passes Away in the Final Battle of ‘The Way of Water’? 

9 Must Read Fascinating Facts About Avatar 2 Movie Before Booking Your Tickets

The most intense Avatar battle sequence: The Way of Water, occurs at the very end. Jake and Tonowari lead the Na’vi as they fight the whaler’s crew while Paykan attacks from below the water. 

To save his siblings and Tsireya, Neteyam climbs aboard the whaler; however, Lo’ak enlists him to save Spider instead of leading everyone to safety. 

They can save their human companion, but Neteyam is killed during the fight. The Sullys’ agony is drowned when Neteyam dies. Despite this, Jake and Neytiri attack the Colonel’s forces independently because Quaritch can keep Tuk and Kiri as hostages. 

Jake and Neytiri take out each of the Colonel’s troops one at a time, leaving Quaritch as the last person standing. Quaritch grabs Kiri and stabs her in the neck with a knife to protect himself. Neytiri does the same thing with Spider out of grief. 

Quaritch initially calls Neytiri’s bluff, but the Colonel lets Kiri go after the Na’vi warrior cuts the human boy in the chest. Jake ends the struggle by killing the Colonel, even though everyone is safe. In a ship that is sinking and the two avatars are trapped in a flooding chamber, where they fight until they die. 

Concerning Neytiri, Tuk slips inside a shaft, and Neytiri is sucked into the ship. Lo’ak comes to Jake’s rescue, demonstrating how he learned the way of water and used the Metkayina teachings to save them, even though he felt like his father had always treated Neteyam as his favourite son. 

In the meantime, Kiri uses her special relationship with Eywa to request that a school of glowing fish illuminate the path to her mother and sister. What’s more, very much like that, Kiri and Lo’ak become legends, saving their families from suffocating. 

What will the plot of “Avatar 3” be? 

Neteyam is buried near the Metkayina Tree of Life following the battle at the whaler. Tonowari also gives the Sully family the People of the Reef title by greeting them as if they were one of their own. Jake promises to make his last stand in the ocean before the credits roll. 

After the whaler is destroyed, the Na’vi will be attacked by humans, and the people of Pandora must band together to defeat the invaders once more. Quaritch is alive at the film’s end after being saved by Insect. Spider wants to stay with the Na’vi and despises Quaritch’s military actions. He just couldn’t allow his dad to pass on. 

This indicates that the final duel between Jake and Quaritch, in which the two warriors decide Pandora’s fate, will likely occur in Avatar 3.

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