Avengers Turn Into ‘Badla Lain Wale’ In This Almost Perfect Edit By Paras Taneja

Avengers, one of the biggest movie franchises of all time, has received a Punjabi makeover from a very talented Punjabi-based Content Creator, Its Paras Edits. The video is a complete masterpiece. The excellence of the video cannot be defined in words, you need to take a look at the original clip to realize what a perfect edit it is.

The edit takes clips from the scenes of Avengers Infinity War, wherein Doctor Strange and the antagonist of the movie, Thanos, have a verbal spat on the land of Titan planet. The only difference is that the editor has dubbed it in a Punjabi classic. 

The scene opens with Thanos arriving at the planet, with dramatic Punjabi background music. The dialogues have been taken from the famous Punjabi drama movie ‘Jatt Te Zameen’. Doctor Strange is dubbed as the legendary Guggu Gill and Thanos, as the veteran actor, Veerendra. Suddenly, the scenes enter Avengers: Endgame. You are sure to crack yourself up laughing, seeing Doctor Strange’s aid Wong dubbed into Sunny Malton’s hilarious ‘Kaale Leke Aajo Bro’ dialogue. 

And finally ‘The Kaale’ arrives at the Endgame battle or ‘The Kutt Pain Da Program’ between the ‘Badla Lain Wale’ and the Thanos Army begins. The dub, the edit, the comedy, the epicness, everything is just so perfect about the video.


Its Paras Edits or Paras Taneja, an Instagram and Youtube content creator, is the artist behind the clip. Take a look at his Instagram profile to get more of his epic and creative content. He was the same man behind the viral ‘Main Gareeb Hoon’ video featuring Anant Ambani. Such talented creators always keep entertaining us through their creative and fun art. 

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