Baani Sandhu Warns The Public Of Fraudulent Booking Scams Using Her Name

Baani Sandhu Warns The Public Of Fraudulent Booking Scams Using Her Name

There is no limit to the ways scammers find a way to make money through online scams. Baani Sandhu, a well-known singer in the Punjabi Music Industry, has also fallen prey to the hands of such fraudulent scammers. The singer came live on Instagram to spread awareness and warn people about the scams going on using her name.

An unknown agency is allegedly using Baani Sandhu’s name, pretending to be Baani’s management and stealing people’s money in return for booking shows for the artist. The fake caller is a woman, as told by Baani in her Instagram live. 

She also added that this is not the first time that the woman has tried to steal people’s money by using her name. It has previously happened on 2-3 occasions and people have been deceived. 

The singer also went on to add that people should only consider the official numbers available on Baani’s official page. Only those numbers belong to Baani Sandhu’s management and are used for bookings and other queries. No other number is affiliated or associated with the artist and does not take any bookings.

Baani said that she has also got the woman’s number and warned her to stop doing these scams. It is only causing harassment to her and innocent people. She said that she is only requesting her at this moment to stop doing these frauds.

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