Baba Ka Dhaba Couple Is Back To Their Basics After Shutting New Restaurant

We hope you haven’t forgotten the very popular couple who used to run Baba Ka Dhaba? Yes, the one which instantly rose to fame overnight when YouTuber Gaurav Wason covered their condition in one of his viral YouTube videos.

But will you believe if we tell you that the couple who once was all over social media is now back to their original Dhaba.

They are back from the restaurant they had opened in December 2020. They served Indian and Chinese cuisines to their customers but it looked like the business wasn’t doing really well.

As per reports, the restaurant was shut in February this year and the old couple is now back to their old Dhaba. 

The report also mentions their average earnings. The couple earned almost 3,500 rupees before lockdown and now they are only earning 1000. 

When asked about this sudden change in decision, Kanta Prasad blames social worker Tushar Adlakha for giving him wrong advice. As he had invested a huge amount of rupees 5 lakhs on the restaurant and has been able to retrieve only 36 thousand.

We all are familiar with the pace of his growth. How he instantly earned a place on everybody’s social media posts and stories and even was able to invite popular celebrities to his Dhaba without any efforts made. He received help and funds from various people of the country and was able to build a new floor to his house, paid all the debts, and opened the new restaurant with high hopes.

But not everything happens as per plans because sometimes destiny has some other plans for us which we aren’t given options to accept or not.

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