Baba’s Boo-boo Bowls Raising Money For BC Children’s Hospital

An 80-year-old grandfather named Nirmal Singh Bhogal, a resident from Vancouver Turned his pastime hobby of woodwork to help raise money for a children’s hospital. He starts his labor at the crack of dawn and works past dust. 

Using dozens and different types of woods, he carefully puts together perfect kinds of bowls. The project started as a pastime in place of Bhogal’s usual volunteer shifts with the Canadian Cancer Society and meals on wheels, Both largely canceled due to this pandemic. 

He then decided to take this project on a new level by selling them by donations. With an uptick in demand For his bowls, he’s been accepting donated wood and covering the costs for supply and materials to ensure all funds go to BC children’s hospital. 

Bhogal said, “ people give us a good response, there is a lot of interest”. His grandson and daughter-in-law run a website to display their wooden bowls and accept orders from all over the world. 

“ The goal started at $5000, Then it went up to $10,000 and now we are nearing $20,000, so our next goal has to be more,” his grandson said. The family has nearly raised $20,000 in less than six months. His bowl carving project has become a life of its own And his small gesture has become a global interest. 

You can check out his bowls at : 

Watch his complete interview here to know more about his good deeds:

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