Babbar: Release Date Of Amrit Maan Starrer Most Awaited Film Announced

Amrit Maan is all set to blow the theaters away with his next release. Ever since its announcement, Babbar has been one of the most awaited films of the Punjabi Cinema. Finally, the release date of the film is out! Starring Amrit Maan in the lead, Babbar will be released in theaters on 18 March, 2022.

The film was earlier named ‘Hakam’ but it was renamed to Babbar. Amrit Maan is set to play the lead role of Babbar in the film. The official teaser for the film was dropped almost a month ago and it was well received by the fans. Many had even called it one of the best action teasers in the Punjabi Cinema. It was the point that raised the bar high for Babbar.

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Amar Hundal is the man behind Babbar. He’s the director and the writer of the film. Amar Hundal is also the mind behind films like Warning! Sky’s the limit for the expectations that the audience has with this most awaited Punjabi film. Many from the audience have even called Babbar a film that’ll change the way action is perceived in the industry.

Babbar also marks the first ever collaborative production of Desi Crew and Bamb Beats. Along with Amrit Maan, the film will star many other prominent faces of the industry like Yograj Singh. Babbar is set to be an action packed crime film. It is a genre that has been explored on various occasions by the Punjabi Industry but the expectations from Babbar are big.

A major reason behind the expectations from Babbar is the ray of hope that the film is set to do something different, something unique and something big! At the end, all of it can only be revealed once the movie is finally out in theatres. 18 March, 2022 is the date.

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