Babbu Maan Releases New Album ‘Adab Punjabi’. Listen To It Here

Punjabi singer and actor Babbu Maan has earned immense respect and love through his art and skills. And the much-loved artist is now set to entertain his fans once again. He has recently released his latest album titled ‘Adab Punjabi’.  Babbu Mann had shared the poster and announcement for the same on social media. 

Babbu’s latest album ‘Adab Punjabi’ includes a total of 10 songs. The artist had not revealed the tracklist before and directly surprised the fans with the release. And just like Babbu’s other announcements, this too made all his fans excited. Here is the list of 10 songs from Babbu Maan’s album:

Adab Punjabi, Pt. 2 & 3
Chandigarh Di Patjhad
4 Dimaag 2 Dil
Kala Kurta
Oho Ford
Gal Ni Hoyi

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Coming to the credits, the lyrics of Babbu Maan’s songs from Adab Punjabi have been penned and composed by Maan himself. Also, last year, Maan was spotted shooting for a special project which was speculated to be Adab Punjabi Vol 2. And it looks like the secret is soon to be unveiled with the videos of the album.

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Babbu Maan’s Adab Punjabi songs are garnering fans’ love on various music streaming platforms. Listen to the album by following the link below,

Maan has not revealed details about the release of songs’ videos yet, but the fans are eagerly waiting for the same.

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