Babbu Maan Creates History As 3 Of His Albums Peak The Itunes Top Albums Charts Together

Babbu Maan released the most awaited ‘Adab Punjabi’ album on 25 April, 2022 and the fans could not hold back their enthusiasm and excitement for the album. The love of the fans was evident by the fact that in a matter of few hours, Adab Punjabi climbed to the top of Indian iTunes Top Albums Charts!

 While it was amazing for Adab Punjabi to see at the top of iTunes Albums Charts, it was something else that blew our minds away! Remember Babbu Maan’s superhit ‘Hashar’ movie album? It was released back in 2008. But the Indian iTunes Top Albums Charts had Hashar in second position, 14 years after its release.

If this was not enough, the third position was too bagged by Babbu Maan. One of the greatest albums in the history of Punjabi Music, ‘Talaash: In Search Of Soul’ made it to the third position on the same chart. It was released in 2013 and trended on the charts after 9 years.

Interestingly, Talaash was also one of the first Punjabi albums to make it to the prestigious Billboard list. It was the first ever Punjabi album to be ranked in the Top 10 Albums Worldwide on the Billboard Top Albums Charts.

It is an undeniable fact that the legacy of Babbu Maan remains unbeaten even today. He has been there in the industry for decades and maintained the same aura, the same fanbase and the same stature. That’s why he is also one of the most respected Punjabi singers in the world.

In addition to the numerous achievements and countless awards to his name, Babbu Maan has now added this one to the list. We have never seen a single Punjabi artist occupying the top 3 positions on the Top Albums Charts on Indian iTunes.

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