Babbu Maan Reached Delhi To Support Farmers

Babbu Maan who is an extremely popular Punjabi singer and artist doesn’t need any kind of introduction. He has been entertaining the audience for years and his fans love him more than anything. 

He knows how much people love them and that is why he never misses any chance to send them love back.

The country is aware of the fact that farmers are protesting against the Farmers bill, and there are many celebrities who are supporting the farmers in their fight for their rights. Recently some pictures and videos went viral on social media platforms which shows Babbu Maan in them. As per reports Babbu Maan has reached Delhi without flaunting or showing off his support for the farmers.

His fans are extremely happy and delighted to see his actions and we’re sure they have got on reason to love him even more. 

In this time when one can get easy fame and coverage by getting into this Farmer’s Protest thing, Babbu Maan chose to anonymously reach there and stand by them.

Babbu Maan Anonymously Reached Delhi On Bike

This proves the fact that this is the time to stay united and for this time at least we need to forget our differences.

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