Babbu Maan Extends Support To Ongoing Farmers Protest In Netherland

Who has forgotten the biggest farmers’ protest in the world? When the Indian farmers protested against the government’s three farm bills, the world extended its support. The farmers of Punjab and Haryana especially contributed to the maximum of the protest which was backed by the artists of both Punjabi and Haryanvi entertainment industries. 

And it looks like Babbu Maan knew the ethics of paying back. He has stood up in support of a farmers’ protest going on in the Netherlands. Yes, the Dutch farmers are angry and expressing their outrage against the government through a protest. 

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Babbu Maan took it to his Instagram account where he shared a post extending his support to the farmers of the Netherlands. In the post, Babbu Maan also shared a quote that states, “Tu faslan nu roni a ethe ghaa nahi hona….. Ekke bin Inqlaab lea nahi hona”. And you must also remember the famous slogan, ‘Kisaan Majdoor Ekta Zindabaad’, which also has been dedicated by Babbu Maan to the ongoing protests in the Netherlands.

Now coming to the details of the ongoing protests in the Netherlands, the Dutch farmers are not happy with the government’s plan to reduce nitrogen emissions because the farmers believe it will affect their livelihoods. They are also disappointed due to many regulations being levied on them like restrictions on animal rearing, restrictions on the usage of fertilizers in the fields and others. The country is aiming at reducing Nitrogen Oxide emissions in the country to as much as 50%. The farmers argue that industries, building constructions, air traffic etc. also release a huge number of harmful gasses but there are no restrictions on them.

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The protest is grabbing the attention of international media and earning support from many as well.

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