BacTHAfu*UP Intro REVIEW: Karan Aujla Is About To Shake The Industry With His Debut Album

The wait comes to an end! Karan Aujla is back and mark my words! He is going to shake the whole industry with this. The official intro for Karan Aujla’s debut album ‘BacTHAfu*UP’ is officially released now on the Speed Records Youtube channel. One of the biggest stars in the modern Punjabi music industry is coming in with his debut album, how can you not expect epicness!

The 1 minute 53 seconds of legendaryness opens with Karan having a one on one conversation with his fans. All the things kept aside, this album is surely going to be one hell of a journey. 

It’s not just an album, the journey of a kid who lost his parents at such a young age, from rags to riches, from slingshots to shotguns, from houses to bungalows, the journey of the one and only Karan Aujla. The journey is still going on and will go on forever and BacTHAfu*UP is going to be the biggest fruit so far of this unprecedented successful journey. 

The one part of the intro talks about Karan’s rise to fame, the emotional part, while the other is what we came here for. It’s time for some music and Tru Skool has given a peek into his Old Skool traditional style music in the album. Karan is making statements in this part and you are surely going to be more than excited seeing your favorite star’s journey, if you are one of his fans. And if you are a hater, sorry but  ‘Mirch Taan Larhii aa’. 

This might be the debut album of the young artist but he clarifies, by no means is this the last. The man has left all of us completely speechless with this perfect intro. The arrival of Karan Aujla was destined to be great but this intro has exceeded everyone’s expectations. ‘BacTHAfu*UP’ is no joke! Love him or hate him, his art has taken his career and Punjabi music industry to untouchable heights. Don’t waste your time anymore, go watch the intro already. If you’ve watched it, watch it again! 

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