Badshah Calls Yo Yo Honey Singh “Self Centered” And Claims That He Made Him Sign Blank Contracts

Rapper – singer Badshah is very popular in the Indian music industry and well known for his Superhit songs. Recently on Raj Shamani’s podcast, Badshah opened up about the Mafia Mundeer. Mafia Mundeer was a group of rappers with big dreams who wanted to flourish in their career, it included singers who are now very popular in Bollywood. Honey Singh, Badshah, Raftaar, Ikka, And Lil Golu were the members of the popular band. The band is known for delivering songs such as Khol Botal, Begani Naar Buri, and Delhi Ke Deewane.”

Badshah said when the band was started only He and Honey singh were part of it. As per Badshah Mafia Mundeer was a thought, and like-minded people got together for it. Primarily it was just him and Honey. In 2009, there was a break between Badshah and Yo Yo. The former used to do a job & was very scared. 

Honey was also off his radar and when he tried calling him, he dodged his calls. But till the time they both were in Mafia Mundeer, they never met. According to Badshah, If they had met, maybe things would have been different. 

Badshah further added that afterwards Honey singh wanted to focus on his solo career and became self centered. “We made songs but they were not released. Honey was just concentrating on his career. I have been associated with Mafia Mundeer since 2006, and by 2009, my parents were very worried about me.”, said Badshah. 

Further he added, “In 2011, my first song with Honey came out– ‘Get up Jawani’. We are also creating so many songs, please consider us as well. We have left everything behind and come here. You (Honey) should not be so self-centered. On one hand, you (Honey Singh) call us brothers, but on the other, you fail to acknowledge our struggles. He made us sign blank papers; what about those contracts? It was a tough phase.” 

Yo Yo Honey Singh and Badshah were initially good friends but things didn’t work out so well and they fell apart as individuals in the same industry.

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