Badshah Denies fake views allegations!!

Known rapper of Bollywood and Punjabi Music Industry, Badshah recently landed in trouble when Mumbai Police questioned him related to a cybersecurity case. The case was registered by singer Bhumi Trivedi when she found out somebody had created a fake profile of her on social media, which he complained about to Mumbai Police. Badshah reached the office of the Crime Intelligence Unit (CUI) and there he was interrogated for about 9 hours by Mumbai Police. 

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This news is very alarming for the Punjabi Music industry as people often raise this issue of fake views and followers, given that Punjabi population isn’t that big in numbers and is scattered but our songs get Millions of views in a day while google often dismisses the claim. Interestingly Mumbai Crime branch was interested to know how “pagal hai” by Badshah got about 75 Million views in a day with a couple of hundred comments on it.

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Meanwhile, Rapper has issued a statement regarding his allged involvement in fake views racket, in which he denied using fake followers and still believes in authorities. You would know that articles are floating on social media saying “Badshah admitted paying 75 lakh for fake followers”.

Screen Grab from social media.

This case has a direct link with the racket of fake followers and likes on social media which are usually sold to celebrities and popular influencers. After Bhumi’s complaint was registered, Mumbai Police started their investigation, in which they found out this racket.

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Mumbai police are investigating at least 100 Social Media Marketing companies and 54 portals all over across India, which offer services of generating fake profiles, likes, comments, followers, etc. which also being used to create social panic through fake news.

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In this case, the Mumbai Police have already recorded the statements of almost 20 people. About this case, the senior police officials said, this is a serious case, which can lead to the spreading of more fake news or irrelevant information. After yesterday’s questioning, Badshah might visit the CUI office anytime soon.

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