Badshah Felt Nostalgic, Shares Picture On Instagram

The renowned and very popular rapper of Bollywood and Punjabi Music Industry, Badshah needs no introduction. He recently shared an old picture of him with a friend which probably made him nostalgic and in the caption he shared a tale from his struggle days.

He wrote that the picture was clicked in the year 2005, at his friend’s place, where they were practicing for an event. In the caption, he narrated the entire story starting from how he with his friend managed to grab a slot to perform in the star night of PEC Fest 2005 for 15 minutes to how they were forcefully pulled down from the stage.

While they were performing on the stage, they kept the audience engaged, made them enjoy their performance and crave for more. This made them feel more confident and kept performing for 20, then 30 minutes, until they were dragged off stage.

Badshah’s story made us believe that every step of your struggle and every little victory counts when it comes to talking about your success story. He is definitely an icon now, and the story of his struggling days is inspiring for many.

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