The Great Indian Kapil Show: Badshah, Karan Aujla And DIVINE’s Video Gets Viral From The Sets

The Great Indian Kapil Show’s success has been increasing day by day. The show has been loved by everyone as in this season, a lot of interesting celebrities graced their presence such as Ranbir Kapoor, Vicky Kaushal and his brother Sunny Kaushal, Aamir Khan and many more. 

Amidst Netflix’s success, Kapil Sharma’s charm transcends borders as his show has topped the global charts. Kapil Sharma’s humble roots have resonated and connected him intimately with a lot of viewers.

Now, a viral video featuring Karan Aujla, Badshah, and Divine from The Great Indian Kapil Show captures attention, reaffirming Sharma’s comedic prowess and universal appeal.

After the video went viral, in seemed like Badshah, Karan Aujla and Divine will also be a part of the show as guests. In the video it can be seen that Kapil Sharma, Badshah, Karan Aujla and Divine Are grooving on Badshah’s song “jugnu”.

Ranveer Allahabadia on The other hand also shared a picture with Karan Aujla on his Instagram story As the singer will come to his podcast. 

The Punjabi fever has been Increasing day by day in the Hindi TV industry as well. The singers are making the Punjabi culture proud with their presence in Bollywood films, Hindi TV Shows, Podcasts etc.

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