Bai Ji Kuttange Movie Review: Talented Starcast & Good Comedy Upgrades Average Story

StarcastDev Kharoud, Gurpreet Ghuggi, Nanak Singh, Upasana Singh, Hadelin De Ponteves, Sabby Suri, Harnaaz Sandhu & more
DirectorSmeep Kang
Kiddaan Rating

Bai Ji Kuttange starring a huge and actually talented star cast has finally hit the silver screens. It stars prominent actors like Dev Kharoud, Gurpreet Ghuggi, Nanak Singh, Upasana Singh, Hadelin De Ponteves, Sabby Suri, Harnaaz Sandhu & more in the lead and pivotal roles. We have watched the film, and penned this honest Bai Ji Kuttange Movie Review for you. Read to know about the film’s story, star cast, performances, music and more.

Directed by the ace filmmaker Smeep Kang, Bai Ji Kuttange was awaited among fans. So is this film worth a watch and are you really going to enjoy watching it? You will get to know all about the film in this detailed Bai Ji Kuttange movie review. 


The story of Bai Ji Kuttange revolves around Bai Ji played by Punjabi Industry’s most loved action hero Dev Kharoud. He is a strict man who wants everyone around him to obey the rules and standards set by him. He is disciplined and extremely professional when it comes to the people who work under/for him.

But this is followed by not one but various people breaking his rules one by one. This is led by the entry of Gurpreet Ghuggi as the new driver of Bai ji. And he is the one, who keeps lying and breaking Bai Ji’s rules under his nose.

But it is also obvious that all the drama isn’t going to stay away from the knowledge of Bai Ji for too long. So what will he do when he’ll get to know about the betrayal and lies? For this, you will need to watch the film.

But, this is not all that makes the story. In fact, you’ll get to enjoy a total of three love stories in Bai Ji Kuttange. And one among them will include Bai Ji too. 

Acting & Performances

In the beginning of the Bai Ji Kuttange Movie Review, we had mentioned that this film consists of a huge and talented starcast. And we still stand by the statement.

We can never doubt actors like Dev Kharoud, Gurpreet Ghuggi and Upasana Singh. All three have proved their worth in various projects. And in this film also, they impressed us with no complaints.

And talking about the rest; Nanak Singh, Harnaaz Sandhu and Sabby Suri, this trio was also good enough in the roles assigned to them. Bai Ji Kuttange marks the acting debut of Upasana Singh’s son Nanak Singh, and we can say he has got a kickstart. But we also want to advise him to work a little more on his Punjabi dialect and dialogue delivery and wish him luck for his future projects.

Talking about the young females; Harnaaz and Sabby, the duo also justified their roles and did a good job in the given screen space.

Another actor that we need to give a special mention to is Hadelin De Ponteves. He played a Canadian friend of Nanak in the film and stole the show with his brilliant dialogues in Punjabi. He was called ‘Gora’ in the film throughout, and he actually succeeded in astonishing the audience with his acting and performance.

But to finish elaborating on performances in this Bai Ji Kuttange Movie Review, we need to say it out loud, this film would have not been so charming without Gurpreet Ghuggi and Dev Kharoud. Both the actors turned out to be outstanding in their roles and the best in the film. 

Music & Action 

Honestly, the music of Bai Ji Kuttange was average. At some points, its background score seemed too loud and over, but eventually, we made peace by believing it is supposed to be this way only. The playlist of the film is also neither bad nor outstanding. But is average enough to give the film its required dose of songs and melody.

But we cannot deny that the action sequences of this film are really worth appreciation. If you are someone who has always loved and talked about the action in south Indian movies, you might end up liking Bai Ji Kuttange also.

The action in this film was specially directed by South Indian K Ganesh Kumar. So all the power punches, swirls in the air and a lot of tod fod is something you can surely expect watching in Bai Ji Kuttange. 

Writing & Direction

As already mentioned, the story of Bai Ji Kuttange is average but seasoned with a lot of masala and drama. But Smeep Kang needs appreciation for helming this entertainer with a huge star cast. He is known for outstanding comedy movies, and in Bai Ji Kuttange also he has flaunted his craft well. 


One thing about Bai Ji Kuttange that needs special attention is its dialogues. Yes, they are filled with humour and entertained the audience throughout. Every time the film got off-track and a bit boring, the dialogues turned out to be the savior.  We’d have given the film a rating of 3 stars, but we have given a half more for its dialogues only.

The film’s story and screenplay are written by Shreya Srivastava & Vaibhav Suman. And whosoever is the creative behind the dialogues of this film, our hats are off for him. 


Bai Ji Kuttange, overall, is a good film that you can enjoy watching with your friends and family. It is a feast with typical drama and masala which will not disappoint you. You just don’t have to look for an unusual story, otherwise, you’ll like Bai Ji Kuttange. 

We can conclude this Bai Ji Kuttange Movie Review by announcing this film is a typical Punjabi masala movie. There is romance, action, comedy and various amazing characters that will keep you entertained throughout. Yes, the story might be average, but there is a lot more in the film that makes it a must-watch. 

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