Bajre Da Sitta Movie Review: An Emotional & Musical Extravaganza!

StarcastTania, Noor Chahal, Ammy Virk, Guggu Gill, BN Sharma & more.
Writer & DirectorJass Grewal
Kiddaan Rating

The Punjabi film industry has many projects in its kitty to entertain the fans who admire cinema. Various Punjabi movies have hit the theaters this year, and now, it’s Bajre Da Sitta that has joined the list as well. We have penned a detailed Bajre Da Sitta movie Review for you which will help you to know all about the film’s story, actors, songs and more. 

Bajre Da Sitta stars actors like Tania, Noor Chahal, Ammy Virk, Guggu Gill, Nirmal Rishi, BN Sharma, Hobby Dhaliwal, Rupinder Rupi, Seema Kaushal, Gurpreet Bhangu and more. Written and directed by Jass Grewal, the film has successfully impressed the audience. In this Bajre Da Sitta movie review, you will get to know the details of the film without any spoilers. 


The story of Bajre Da Sitta is based on the lives and desires of two sisters, Roop and Basant played by Tania and Noor Chahal. These girls belong to a typical old-school sardaar family which believes it’s not good for a female to sing professionally. While Roop and Basant keep knitting their dreams to sing more, their family refuses to allow them to sing. 

Later Tania is married to Ammy Virk, and he too is against her singing. Do you think Roop and Basant will ever get to sing again? Or their dreams will be shattered, as Kudiyan Sufne Nahi Vekhdiyan, Kyunki Kudiyan De Sufne Kade Poore Nahi Hunde? You will get to know all in the film. 

Acting & Performances

Bajre Da Sitta stars Tania and Noor Chahal in the leading roles. Ammy Virk, Ghuggu Gill and BN Sharma are the actors who portrayed three pivotal characters in the film. 

Apart from these, actors like Nirmal Rishi, Hobby Dhaliwal, Rupinder Rupi, Seema Kaushal, Gurpreet Bhangu and more are also seen in the film. And we can say that each and every actor has added to the charm of this film. 

While we are already aware of the brilliance of Ammy Virk and Tania flaunt on screens, we were astonished by the performance of Noor Chahal in this project. It is her debut film in a lead role, and she graced it beautifully. 

Talking about Tania, she also shined throughout the film and we believe this film has marked one of her best performances. On the other hand, Ammy Virk and Ghuggu Gill in the roles of two typical orthodox men were supreme. We have not watched Ammy Virk play such roles in the past, hence, with Bajre Da Sitta, Ammy Virk has now unveiled a new side of him. And when it’s about Ghuggu Gill, he played a man of his words. Every time he was on screen, he was the king and nobody can deny this fact. 

Dialogues & Music

After discussing the story and the performances in this Bajre Da Sitta movie review, we are now going to appreciate its incredible dialogues and music. Jass Grewal deserves all the praise for making the film so easy to connect with. Dialogues like, ‘Kutt Kha Ke Shauk Khatam Ho Jaanda Si’ and ‘Raja Kade Gaunda Nahi’, ‘Asi Gaunde Nahi, Asi Izzatdaar Lok Haan, Assi Sunde Haan’ are just examples, because you will get to hear many more like these. 

And coming to the music, not only the film’s playlists are bliss to the ears, but its background score too is a big win. It made sure to convey all the emotions on the screens directly to our hearts. 

You must have already listened to songs like Bajre Da Sitta, Suarmedani, Saari Raat and more on YouTube, but guess what? There is still one song that is kept under wraps and has the superpower to make your eyes go wet. So, when the film is heading to its climax, be ready to experience musical magic. 

Also, we cannot ignore the singers who have lent their beautiful vocals to various songs of the film. You will listen to the voices of Ammy Virk, Jyotica Tangri, Noor Chahal, Sargi Maan, Sano V and Simerjit Kumar in the film. 

Writing & Direction

The film’s incredible story is written by Jass Grewal. And he is also the man who has helmed this beautiful project. The writer and director have put his heart and soul into the making of this project. 

The story of Bajre Da Sitta is not like the usual stories we get to watch in Punjabi movies. It is a women-centric movie, in which not one but two ladies play the leads. Also, it wouldn’t have been an easy project to direct. As this is a period drama, we are more than delighted to conclude this project actually justified the old era. 

And when we are talking about the direction of this film, we also feel the need to highlight the praise-worthy work of the film’s art director. The team has taken care of every minute detail which will make you feel that you are actually watching a film made decades ago. 

Climax & Conclusion

Since we believe in serving you an honest review of the film, we also feel like describing the weak climax and conclusion of the film. Since it is a no-spoiler review of Bajre Da Sitta, we cannot disclose many details about the climax. 

But we can surely express our disappointment as we expected a better ending to the film. Yes, we believe that a happy ending is required, but it could have been more convincing. The film ended on an abrupt note, which affected our wholesome feelings about the film in a negative way. So basically, a better conclusion could have uplifted the overall experience of this movie. 

What Makes It Special?

In this Bajre Da Sitta movie review, we have already mentioned various reasons that make this film stand apart and really special. But what made it truly wholesome was the portrayal of various perspectives and emotions of women’s lives. 

The film showcased the various sides of a woman as a daughter, mother, sister, friend and wife as well. Not only this, but this film was also extremely rich when it comes to the art direction and music. These two things maintained the beauty of the film throughout and made sure nothing is left to complain about. 

We’d give Bajre Da Sitta, a rating of 4 out of 5 stars, but its exceptionally amazing music and art directional have won it a half star more in its overall rating. 


Overall, Bajre Da Sitts is a treat for ears and eyes. We call it a musical and emotional extravaganza. If you are someone who really adores watching genuine emotions on-screen, then this film is a must-watch for you. 

Bajre Da Sitta is a family drama which is at par with every standard of entertainment. It has emotions, drama, beautiful dialogues and a wholesome story. You should definitely not miss a chance to watch the film in the cinema halls with near and dear ones. 

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