Balkar Motion Pictures Announced Three Upcoming Punjabi Movies For 2021-2022 Release

The current scenario of Punjabi Film Industry is nothing less than like a bullet train. There are movies slated for their release one after another, many movies are in progress and also new movies are being announced every second day. 

We have news for you which will make you very excited if just like us, you too love the cinema.

Recently, Balkar Motion Pictures released the list of their upcoming Punjabi projects. And guess what? It includes not one, but three upcoming Punjabi movies. 

Thana Sadar, Hal Ki Ae and Rode College are the three movies that will be produced by Balkar Motion Pictures and will be released in 2021 and 2022 respectively.

The announcement was made on the official Instagram Account of Balkar Motion Pictures.

While the details like cast and team are not revealed yet, it’s known that all three movies will be directed by three different directors. ‘Thana Sadar’ will be directed by Vikram Thori, ‘Hal Ki Ae’ will be directed by Amritpreet Singh and Happy Rode will direct the third, ‘Rode College’. 

Young Punjabi Singer Jass Manak also shared the same post on his Instagram story which is making people guess he probably could be a part of the film too.

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