Father Balkaur Sidhu Seeks Fans’ Support In Sidhu Moosewala’s Songs Leaking Matter! WATCH Video

Balkaur Singh Sidhu, the father of late singer Sidhu Moosewala has once again stepped ahead to speak his upfront opinions and views regarding a matter concerned with his late son. 

Balkaur Sidhu has recently shared a video on his Instagram account where he had addressed all the Moosewala fans and the culprits who are leaking Sidhu’s recorded songs. 


In the video of also two and a half minutes, Balkaur Sidhu very politely has asked for the support of Sidhu’s fans and admirers. He has expressed his concern regarding Sidhu’s songs which have been leaked recently. 

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He started the video by thanking all the Sidhu fans and stated, “My motive behind making of this video today is only to address that I am noticing people are leaking Shubhdeep’s (Sidhu Moosewala) songs.”

He then went on to request all the Moosewala fans to help him and his family in finding the people behind this all. He said, “I have always said that all the lovers and admirers of Sidhu Moosewala have extended huge support to me and my family in this difficult time. I have no words to thank you all. But now I request you with folded hands to help me find who all are behind the leaking of Sidhu’s songs. You have to find who this is, from where he is, and why he is doing all this, what is the motive behind this.”

Balkaur Sidhu then addressed the culprits and tried to make them realize that what they’re doing is not good. He said, “We are already going through a lot and we only have his recorded songs and written material to keep him alive among us. If you will destroy this also by leaking l, then it will be really low of you.”

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To conclude the video, Balkaur Sidhu once again asked the fans to stand by him and bring the culprits to his notice so that he can take legal actions. 


He said,I only want your support and help in this matter. “There are some filmmakers who are also using our songs for their movie names without our permission. I request if you really want to use any of our songs, please seek our permission first. We are keeping an eye on Sidhu’s songs and data, kindly don’t force us into struggles. So if you find anyone indulging and involved in the leaking of Sidhu’s songs, kindly bring it to our notice so that we can take it forward with legal actions.”

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The fans and admirers of Sidhu Moosewala are extending their love and support to Balkaur Sidhu and his family. While #justiceforsidhumoosewala is also still active on social media, the fans are also ready to get their hands on the culprits who are illegally leaking Moosewala’s songs.

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