Balls Of Steel! Woman Walking With Six Lioness In A Jungle

Viral Video: The internet is a storehouse of amazing and fascinating videos. One such video going viral is that of a woman who is seen strolling along a jungle path with a group of lionesses. Yes, this really happened! In the video, the woman is seen casually roaming around in a jungle behind six lionesses as if they are her pet dogs.

She even holds the tail of one of the lionesses and waves at the camera just before the video ends. Amazingly, the lionesses also seem pretty comfortable in the woman’s company. They neither attack the woman or the person shooting the video.

The internet was flooded with hilarious and scary reactions soon after the video went viral. Well, Who would risk their life in walking with the mightiest wild animal. And that too with a pack of them? Definitely no one. But the girl seen in the viral video seems fearless and very comfortable.

Earlier this month, the same type of video went viral which shows a woman holding a growling lion as she walks down a street. The viral video shows her walking down a street carrying a growling, clawing lion.

Watch the viral video:

According to UPI, the struggling big cat is her pet, which had escaped. Pet lions are legal in Kuwait, where she lives.

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