Bamb Beats And Desi Crew Production Teaming For The First Time

Pollywood front action has begun all over again. On one hand, we see new movie posters being shared, on the other we see new release dates being confirmed. And above all this, today a new update has come. Punjabi singer Amrit Mann has started filming the first leg of his upcoming movie with the joint production of Desi Crew and Bamb Beats.

Talking of the movie, not much has been disclosed. So far all we know is that it is being headlined by Amrit Mann, Amar Hundal is the director, production is done under Bamb Beats and Desi Crew for the first time. So, now ‘Bamb Jatt’ Mann is once again all set to put the industry on fire with his new film. 

All this information also came to light when Desi Crew and Bamb Beats took to their social media handle to share the picture of the team with the clapboard of the movie. Sharing the same they wrote, Sade Joint Production House BAMB BEATS & DESI CREW Di Pehli Film Da Shoot Ajj Start Hogya Ji…Details Jaldi Update Karte Aan Pyar bnayi rakheo

Team Kiddaan wishes Desi Crew and Bamb Beats for the new venture and believes it would be a big hit.

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