Baptised Sikh Girl Asked To Remove Turban In Bengaluru College

After the hijab was not allowed in the classrooms of Bangalore colleges or schools, now an Amritdhari (baptised) Sikh girl was asked to remove her turban in the reputed Mount Carmel PU College. The incident took place here in accordance with the February 10 High Court’s interim order. Some parents also complained of being targeted after their daughters were asked to remove the hijab.

The student of Mount Carmel PU College, Bengaluru, who is also the president of the students’ association, was politely asked to remove her turban for the first time on February 16 to which she denied. The college later spoke to her father acknowledging that they understood the importance of the turban for a Sikh but were bound by the high court order.

After the college had spoken to the girl’s father, later they mailed him about the order and asked them to abide by it. In the letter, the authorities have specifically mentioned that they “believe in an inclusive society and respect all religious practices.”

The girl’s father, Gurucharan Singh said he told the college authorities she would not remove her turban, as per reports from Times Of India.

The High Court order restraints students from “wearing saffron shawls, hijab and religious flags or the like in classrooms of colleges which have prescribed a uniform.”

Meanwhile, the Special Bench of the High Court has made it clear on 23 February that no religious symbols are allowed in the classrooms in PU as well as graduation colleges until the matter is disposed of. Parents of college students who were asked to remove their hijab by the authorities have demanded that the order of the High Court must be executed equally to all students. This led to outrage among the students and more students strongly protested against it.

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