Barbie vs Oppenheimer: Must Read Reviews Before Booking Tickets

Barbie is all set for its theatrical release on July 21, 2023. The film had its premiere at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles on July 9, 2023. 

Fans are super excited about the film and most of them have already decided on their outfits. Barbie will clash with Oppenheimer as both the movies are releasing on July 21. Helmed by Christopher Nolan, Oppenheimer is about the brilliance of a man that transformed the nature of war completely. 

It is a dark and an intense watch whereas Barbie is a light-hearted film with all the flowers, pink blooms and everything aesthetic.

Both the films have been receiving overwhelming positive responses. Audience is confused about which film is better so here is a compiled set of movie reviews that will help you understand better.

Review Highlights for Oppenheimer

The New York Times

“It’s a dense, event-filled story that Nolan — who’s long embraced the plasticity of the film medium — has given a complex structure, which he parcels into revealing sections. … The film’s virtuosity is evident in every frame, but this is virtuosity without self-aggrandizement. Big subjects can turn even well-intended filmmakers into show-offs, to the point that they upstage the history they seek to do justice to. Nolan avoids that trap by insistently putting Oppenheimer into a larger context, notably with the black-and-white portions.”

The Daily Beast

“Oppenheimer—a film of endless contrasts and contradictions—is the fullest expression of the writer/director’s artistry to date. Propelled by the inexorable march of progress and imagination and electrified by the terrible thrill of theories, dreams and miracles realized in all their devastating glory, it’s a divided epic of awe and horror, fission and fusion. It’s simultaneously a unified portrait of a conflicted man and a singular achievement for Hollywood’s reigning blockbuster auteur. … There’s an embarrassment of riches to digest, savor and mull over in this saga, which touches upon the exhilaration of scientific discovery, the fear of inventing something over which the inventor has no control and the alarming consequences of paving a historic path, especially when it leads directly to Pandora’s Box.”

AV Club

“Oppenheimer deserves the title of masterpiece. It’s Christopher Nolan’s best film so far, a step up to a new level for one of our finest filmmakers and a movie that burns itself into your brain. … It’s a remarkable exercise in narrative balance, and it’s made all the more impressive by the sheer mythic quality of the story of a man who took command of primal, incomprehensibly destructive forces, then spent the rest of his life collapsing under the weight of what he’d unleashed.”

Now here are some interesting reviews about Barbie:

LA Times

 “Greta Gerwig’s Barbie, an exuberant, sometimes exhaustingly clever piece of Mattelian neorealism. … Whatever you think of Barbie, the mere existence of this smart, funny, conceptually playful, sartorially dazzling comic fantasy speaks to the irreverent wit and meta-critical sensibility of its director. … Gerwig has conceived Barbie as a bubble-gum emulsion of silliness and sophistication, a picture that both promotes and deconstructs its own brand. It doesn’t just mean to renew the endless ‘Barbie: good or bad?’ debate. It wants to enact that debate, to vigorously argue both positions for the better part of two fast-moving, furiously multitasking hours.”


“It has worthwhile aspects, like Robbie, who in addition to looking the part, is as capable of heartbreaking earnestness as humor, and who sometimes effortlessly achieves both at once. … Gosling comes close to stealing the movie as a Ken who lacks any sense of purpose outside of his mandated devotion to Barbie; he’s a floppy himbo whose every posture is an act of physical comedy. … There’s a streak of defensiveness to Barbie, as though it’s trying to anticipate and acknowledge any critiques lodged against it before they’re made, which renders it emotionally inert despite the efforts at wackiness. … But the trouble with trying to sneak subversive ideas into a project so inherently compromised is that, rather than get away with something, you might just create a new way for a brand to sell itself.”


“It’s not just a genuinely funny and warm-hearted live-action comedy — and there aren’t many of those around these days — but an art-house passion project so bold, inventive and politically charged that it is sure to be nominated for all sorts of awards. Barbie as a best picture nominee at the 2024 Oscars? I wouldn’t bet against it.”

The reviews of both the films look quite promising and it seems that the fans will enjoy both the genres. Fans have already decided on to wear cute pink outifts for Barbie and dark vintage fits for Oppenheimer. Whatever film you choose to decide, make sure you read the reviews properly for a fun and engaging experience.

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